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Stagiaire recherché(e) : Producteur/trice et Chef d'atelier

Posted by Brice Salmon on

Nous recherchons une personne dont les qualités et compétences sont :

  • Autonomie
  • Organisation
  • Utilise Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign
  • Utilise une règle et un exacto/cutter sans se couper
  • Aime écrire (FR + EN) est un gros plus.
  • Aime ce que l’on fait passionnément
  • Intérêt marqué pour le marketing et l’expérimentation

Les tâches qu’il faudra nous aider à effectuer sont :

  • Confection et emballage des produits
  • Retouche photo
  • Préparer les images pour site, réseaux sociaux, impressions…
  • Découper des narvals en papier sans leur faire mal
  • Coudre des livres (pas de panique, on va vous montrer)
  • Coller des choses, couper d’autres choses, presser encore d’autres affaires…
  • Ne pas faire le café (on n’aime pas trop ça) mais des pâtisseries seront les bienvenues.
  • Écrire pour les réseaux sociaux, blogs etc. (optionnel mais serait très appréciable)
  • Gérer les stocks de matériaux
  • Préparer les commandes à expédier

Pas de promesses en l’air : Nous aimerions beaucoup trouver rapidement et surtout garder avec nous cette perle rare 😊

Écrire à brice@thebalticclub.com

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Retour sur notre passage à l'émission "Dans L'Oeil du Dragon"

Posted by Brice Salmon on

Très formateur cette expérience de tournage : Avoir des investisseurs devant soit est tout de même peu déroutant lorsque d'un côté, on passe 7 jours par semaine 15 heures par jour à faire grandir sa marque et de l'autre, à être prêt à en abandonner instantanément une partie contre quelques dizaines de milliers de dollars...

Honnêtement, ne pas avoir eu de proposition d'investissement m'a d'abord déçu : J'ai pris ça personnellement, pour un manque d'intérêt et un marque de doute envers notre modèle, comme une non reconnaissance de notre dévouement pour notre projet. Puis, je me suis mis à penser à tous ces gens à travers le monde qui nous montrent leur amour pour ce que nous faisons quotidiennement pour eux. Mon ami Pierre-Étienne voit là que nous avons "gagné sur toute la ligne" et il a raison. À peine la caméra coupée, les membres de la production nous ont acheté ce que nous avions sur le présentoir que vous avez dû voir à la TV, nous avons joui d'une superbe vitrine pour nos produits, été approchés par de multiples boutiques et partenaires, fait des ventes que nous n'aurions jamais fait autrement, reçu des messages de soutien de tant de personnes, y compris de Martin-Luc Archambault. Une belle réussite, une motivation décuplée, une communauté qui nous soutien, du bonheur quotidien à l'atelier... que demander de plus ? :)

Pour revoir notre passage à l'émission : http://ici.tou.tv/dans-l-oeil-du-dragon/S05E01

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Greetings! Our first hardcover notebooks line

Posted by Brice Salmon on

It’s been one year now that we dream of having our own hard cover notebook line and since last week : Here it is! So let’s bring you through the adventure and don’t hesitate to tell us what are your thoughts ;)

Moleskine, Rhodia, we all may already have one of their notebooks in our hands. There’s no reason not to have our owns too. We decided one year ago that they had to be beautiful, smooth, light and convenient. Today, after MANY tries, we went from discoveries to discoveries to better understand the incredible world of binding. There are so many different techniques and materials involved that it took months to find our voice but here it is and here's the result.

Let me introduce you to : Boston (blue & light grey), Phoenix (orange & dark grey) and San Diego (Yellow & kraft).
Available on pre-orders now at 50$ each.

The process

Each and everyone is made by our hands, for now, at least. 

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Designer vs entrepreneur

Posted by Mélanie Ouellette on

My toughs about the difference between
being an entrepreneur and being a designer.

Summer of 2014, I was selling my illustrations in a summer market. It was very quiet, sales were close to zero, and I was a very down about it. Half way through the summer, I took a screen printing class. Saw some maps in the studio. I had a click. I knew I had to sell something people really liked. Everybody likes maps. I started designing maps, and cards and fun stuff like garlands. I had a blast.

I suddenly saw myself running a business. Without planning for it! It was very scary and very exciting at the same time. It took a while to accept it. I was afraid I would loose the artistic freedom of being a designer or an illustrator. I have an artistic mind since forever, but adding the business side took some time. Running a business makes you an entrepreneur even if you are the one drawing.

Now I consider myself more of as an entrepreneur than a designer. Doing things for myself gives me a great pleasure. Of course, there are some tasks I like less than others, but I always have a choice. And most of all, I can choose where I want to go and what to aim for. 

Every morning, when I open my eyes, my boyfriend and my dog say "Hi" and I start the day knowing I do things for us. Knowing we are going forward toward our objectives of being independent and free and business people. That makes me the happiest person.

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Creating new products

Posted by Brice Salmon on

Hey ho!

Weekends are made to relax, enjoy life and it cannot be truer when it comes to creating.
Once again, we had an extremely pleasant time prototyping, cutting and stitching for hours.

We've often been asked for our creative process, hence I wanted to share it, in order to show how personal this path is actually.
Everybody has its own dynamic and when many people are involved, it tends to become as complex as exciting.

In our case, there are two of us:

Melanie is a sweet and astonishing melt of creativity, craziness and rationality. Like wild animals, her ideas can pop anywhere, anytime and very unpredictably. As for me, it is more a question of "out of the box" approach thing as I really love to imagine common things in random places and times.

Contrary to many objects creators, the first step in our creative process is not based on a need but more on a will, just like artists do :) We hear, read or see something that usually lights a bulb simultaneously for both of us, then, we speak a lot about it, always laugh a lot and choose a way to present it in an original way.

To consign everything, we share Google Docs, speak on dedicated Slack channels or write on colored sticky notes depending on the situation we are at this precise moment.

  • Google docs is like a "brain dump" thing
  • Slack is random pile of information we don't want to lose and we'd like to share rapidly
  • Colored sticky notes that we use since a couple of months is game changing. Have you heard about "Kanban flows"?

Kanban is a scheduling and project management technique used essentially in the tech industry. Wikipedia also says: "Kanban is a method for managing knowledge work". Sounds boring right? :) But actually, we find it pretty fun: We've picked colors and assigned each one to a type of product (green for notebooks, yellow for greetings cards etc.). Then, on a big wall, we create columns: "Ideas Box", "Design", "Prototype", "Production" and "Promotion" and move notes from a column to another so that we visually have an instant access to the creative flow. It helps us to:

  • Instantly know the reasons why a creation may be "stuck"
  • Sort projects we really want to achieve and the others (depending on the time they stay in certain columns for instance)
  • Decorating a wall :)

The crazy thing about it is that when you think it's done, it's not really "done". Half of the process is based on creating and the other one - which is as much thrilling in my opinion - on speaking about it but it's another story and we'll share with you soon about how we like to do it! Cheers.

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