Planet-positive initiatives

At Baltic Club, we are committed since 2014 to provide beautiful, quality products in the most responsible manner possible. We have adopted a positive and eco-responsible attitude to help preserve our beautiful planet, plants, animals and humans. 

Eco-friendly Materials

Since our creation, we have been certifying our notebooks sheets, art prints and products with FSC labels. Do you know FSC ? The protection of forests, wildlife, the rights of indigenous people, communities and workers: all of this is their « thing », which makes them valuable. A quick and easy little gesture, why ignore it?

Particular attention is paid to local products, products from North America. We use and follow short circuits printers and suppliers located as close as possible to our studio. We like working with paper brands like Rolland (a local paper mill from St-Jerôme making paper with 100% recycled fibers) and French Papers (made in Michigan using 100% renewable electricity generated by French’s own green hydroelectric plant). All the papers we use are at least 30% made from recycled fibers, but often 100%. 


Local initiatives

Are you close to us and our shops? Come pick up your orders directly there, save on the delivery and receive a smile as a bonus.

Acquired a large poster? All our gold and shiny tubes covering our prints can be returned for a 4 $ discount. A "win-win-win" for you, for us and for our planet. Let's not produce more than we need. Also, at anytime, you can ask us for your unpackaged products. We always have plastic-free products on hand.


Planet-positive Collaborations

Baltic Club is also about great collaborations. One of the most beautiful and inspiring: WWF. Everything that touches nature are our inspiration; being able to imagine and design postcards, notebooks or sweaters with WWF brings us even closer to our inspiration and fills us with joy.

We are also working with Espace pour la vie (Biodôme and Planetarium) who supports wild life and sciences. Creating with the protectors of our environment and the conservators of our nature is an opportunity that makes us want to face sustainable development.


Second life products

Do you know the rescue notebooks? This is a project that is close to our hearts and that we are looking to improve. Each style, size, texture, colour, leaf leftover, we group them together to form unique and precious pieces. No one should be put aside, right? Open the notebook, each page is a surprise and a step against the waste.


Every day, we seek to find sustainable solutions, while respecting our beautiful forests and favorite wildlife. We will continue to collaborate and work responsibly to respect our own values and those of the planet. Stay tuned for our great adventures in the environmental field. Our little Baltic Club wants to make a difference, would you like to try?